COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Hot Lunch Orders is here, ready to assist your school with helping set up your hot lunch program when it is safe to do so.

● Our team will work directly with your school on how to deliver your hot lunches safely using Covid-19 protocols and necessary PPE

● We will communicate with the vendors to ensure safe protocols for all parties involved

● The safety and health of our schools including the students and staff, our vendor’s staff, and our employees are top priory

● Our Vendors have implemented Covid-19 response protocols and safe measures for safely prepared and delivered lunches

● All of our vendors follow the food safety guidelines established by the Government of Ontario
● Increased handwashing       ● Increased cleaning and sanitation
● Physical Distancing               ● Wearing of PPE

● Our staff are also following guidelines that may require daily temperature checks and questionnaires What to expect on Hot lunch delivery date:

● Drivers are required to wear masks and sanitize before picking up of food and before entering the school

● All lunches will be delivered by the vendor in a grab and go fashion, individually packaged and labelled including all necessary cutlery and condiments Contactless delivery if required:

● A designated delivery area established by the school

● Driver will contact the school upon arrival to the school

● School will be responsible for the set up and sanitizing of the table before the delivery will take place School requirements:

● Providing your account manager your schools protocol for your hot lunch delivery

● Sanitize the table and set up before the hot lunch delivery

● Provide a designated hot lunch member to oversee the distribution to each classroom